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I've discovered a new show (to me)!


It's awesome and filled with so much glorious writing, fleshed out characters, and tough tension-filled situations. It took a few episodes for me to really get into it, as the first few felt slightly forced/awkward in parts. It is *so* worth it to continue on. Never underestimate the human factor or evil corporation's power to royally frack everything over.

But seriously! I heard this show was good, or at least good enough to send it's fans into a full uproar when it was initially canceled, and I know why now. It's fantastic! Who knew CBS would have such a powerhouse of a show?

Don't walk, *run*, to your nearest Jericho supplier! I recommend the internet here (CBS) or here (aol widescreen).

I hope more people will start to watch the show. It so deserves it! I just need to find some decent recs for it (Highlander X-Overs seem appropriate) and I'll be in new show heaven (even more).

I warn you though. It's addictive and marathon sessions are not unheard of for this show.

and don't forget the Nuts! ; )


Woe is me.

How am I supposed to make a DA vid, if the stupid movie maker refuses to stop crashing!?


Just saw the trailer and OMG I have to see this!
Torchwood is my new favorite fandom love. However, I can do with a bit more Jack/Ianto scenes.

Dangerous thoughts: DA drabble

Dangerous thoughts.

When he started out, he wasn't actually thinking of escape. Not really. That's the type of thinking that lead to a stint in Psy-ops, or worse: in the bins ready to provide organs for wounded soldiers.

No, 494 was simply checking the borders and defenses of dear old Manticore.

If he happened to test a few personally, well, he was simply looking out for the best interest of him and his kind.

Then, while he was simply checking the extent of the holes in their perimeter, and happened to keep running, well outside of the accepted borders, he was simply getting some much needed exercise after his time in lock-up (a guy could get stiff during so long in one little cell).

He wasn't a traitor, like one of the '09ers.

At least that's what he told the search and retrieval team that found him 15 clicks SE of the new base.

He continued to repeat it, long after his voice had gone hoarse from screaming, during the mandatory "therapy" session afterwards.


What accent are you?

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This was fun, but I am actually from FL, just not from one of the parts with a southern accent, as proved by:
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Kim Harrison's "The Hallows" series

This is such an excellent series that gets better and more complex (and awesome) as it goes on. AKA genuine plot progression, that yes advances instead of stagnates.

I'm enjoying it so much, and adore the villain/antagonist Trent Kallamack (and the heroine of course, well everyone really). He's one of the really excellent non-cardboard type megalomaniac (not surprising considering my total Lex love) bad guys who has such interesting motivations/depth and who also breaks my heart, b/c I totally ship him and Rachel and I strongly suspect he's the one who had Rachel's hot/lovely/awesome boyfriend killed, who I also adored.

I'm completely obsessed with the series (and can find no fic : ( !!! ) which isn't that unusual (with my non-stop fandoms), but I usually have to ignore some aspect of the series (*cough* Anita Blake *cough) to continue to enjoy it, but it just keeps getting better and surprisingly, considering the fantastic content, more realistic and awesome.

Also, semi-canon slash and femme-slash!!! Vampires are love!

I'm also kinda surprised that I do ship Trent/Rachel b/c I keep getting a slightly-sibling vibe (but maybe it's b/c they have such intimate and personal issues with each other) and I don't even ship Sam/Dean!, but srsly they're not even the same species (though so much more similar than they should be, considering they are different?!?!)! But truly, I shouldn't ship them for the same reason I (mostly) stopped shipping Lex/Clark b/c it's freaking depressing and I know there's some serious tragedy and heart ache ahead for their relationship. Also, he might hook up with her scary friend.


Still, It's a truly, spectacularly good series and everyone (seriously EVERYONE) should be reading this and forget Harry Potter, b/c we don't even need fic to make the characters/set-up awesome and interesting. (Am I the only HP person who loves the series more for it's fandom/fanon than it's canon? I'm not, right?)

Though, I still haven't decided. Is it better to have excellent source material (Farscape/BSG), or canon fic-springboard like HP/SGA, that demand fandom fleshing it out to make it interesting?

**Also, my HP F-list, I know already that Dumbledore has been outed officially by J.K., and we weren't just reading the book with our slash-tinted spectacles. Thank you, and stop spamming me please. But, also yes *squee*!!! LOL! OMG Awesome!

Much love everyone,


Severe SPN (and SV) awesomeness!

SPN 3.03 and SV 7.04

Tonight's episode of SPN was so freaking awesome!
So much fun! I nearly died laughing, and Sam especially seemed like Dean's little brother when he kept getting hurt! Awesome, awesomeness!
I like the new thief chick (and the demon chick even)!
Also, the crazy hunter dude in jail, thought the other hunter was totally crazy, and was like- *shrugs*.

Smallville's ep was good too, way better than last week!
Dean Kane was awesome (acting) and freaky and slightly sad, but w/e.
Seriously looking forward to the coming conflict/angst/resolution(?) b/t Lana and Clark, and OMG Lex and Clark had a scene together, and Clark saved him! Bring on the reconciliation and/or Clexy subtext, k thnx.

Though guys, I like Lois, hell I like Clois, even. It would be nice if she were in another episode, k.

I'm so excited about both shows this season!!!



This journal is to play with my glee causing fannish obsessions.  Generally fic, but sometimes meta, or video, etc.