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Kim Harrison's "The Hallows" series

This is such an excellent series that gets better and more complex (and awesome) as it goes on. AKA genuine plot progression, that yes advances instead of stagnates.

I'm enjoying it so much, and adore the villain/antagonist Trent Kallamack (and the heroine of course, well everyone really). He's one of the really excellent non-cardboard type megalomaniac (not surprising considering my total Lex love) bad guys who has such interesting motivations/depth and who also breaks my heart, b/c I totally ship him and Rachel and I strongly suspect he's the one who had Rachel's hot/lovely/awesome boyfriend killed, who I also adored.

I'm completely obsessed with the series (and can find no fic : ( !!! ) which isn't that unusual (with my non-stop fandoms), but I usually have to ignore some aspect of the series (*cough* Anita Blake *cough) to continue to enjoy it, but it just keeps getting better and surprisingly, considering the fantastic content, more realistic and awesome.

Also, semi-canon slash and femme-slash!!! Vampires are love!

I'm also kinda surprised that I do ship Trent/Rachel b/c I keep getting a slightly-sibling vibe (but maybe it's b/c they have such intimate and personal issues with each other) and I don't even ship Sam/Dean!, but srsly they're not even the same species (though so much more similar than they should be, considering they are different?!?!)! But truly, I shouldn't ship them for the same reason I (mostly) stopped shipping Lex/Clark b/c it's freaking depressing and I know there's some serious tragedy and heart ache ahead for their relationship. Also, he might hook up with her scary friend.


Still, It's a truly, spectacularly good series and everyone (seriously EVERYONE) should be reading this and forget Harry Potter, b/c we don't even need fic to make the characters/set-up awesome and interesting. (Am I the only HP person who loves the series more for it's fandom/fanon than it's canon? I'm not, right?)

Though, I still haven't decided. Is it better to have excellent source material (Farscape/BSG), or canon fic-springboard like HP/SGA, that demand fandom fleshing it out to make it interesting?

**Also, my HP F-list, I know already that Dumbledore has been outed officially by J.K., and we weren't just reading the book with our slash-tinted spectacles. Thank you, and stop spamming me please. But, also yes *squee*!!! LOL! OMG Awesome!

Much love everyone,



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